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Enrique aka the Flying Lion
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Hello there beautiful people. I'm the Flying Lion. I'm a writer, an artist, a reader, an indulger of awesome, and I carry a tiny lion in my pocket. I like to draw a lot, usually I'm inspired by my favorite anime, games, shows, movies, and other. I also love taking photos of the world around me and of my adventures.

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One of the first movies I had ever watched amongst many a film like Bruce Lee kung fu thrillers, 80s to 90s classics, Disney films, and maybe an occasional blockbuster, was Jurassic Park. Honestly looking back it's had an interesting influence on me. I wanted to be a scholar seeing Alan Grant in the film. I wanted to learn more about animals and dinosaurs. Contrary to what most people say a five year old can say Archaeoptryx, Deinonychus, and Spinosaurus aegyptiacus and even correct college interns at museums. Yes I kid you not that actually happened and to this day my parents tell people the story of their little shy autistic son suddenly speaking about dinosaurs in a museum in public.

To be honest Jurassic Park was kind of MY fandom years before I really had a grasp on what that meant. But I liked it beyond it's fiction. It's science and it's discovery inspired me. It holds a dear place in my heart as one of my favorite films of all time and personally what I believe is the reason we make movies. It's a classic no one should miss in their lifetime that shows just what magic movies can bring as well as what we can accomplish in reality.

I never hated The Lost World: Jurassic Park or Jurassic Park III mind you. True I love the first film quite a lot but I was never a snob. The Lost World in particular I've always been fond of for expanding the world of the films. another island, no fences, more dinosaurs? T. rex is taken to San Diego and wreaks havoc like King Kong? Yes indeed this was a film I greatly enjoyed. even Jurassic Park III to an extent I enjoyed. I was a little kid when it came out and quite upset that rex was killed by Spinosaurus but I got over it. Besides Spinosaurus is quite the fascinating creature (recent discoveries reveal cool stuff about it).

With all that you can imagine my anticipation for the long awaited fourth feature film. JP4 I've waited for for 14 years and honestly only really expected to have two things: a great story capturing the magic the films have and of course my dinosaurs walking on earth once again. It's strange as even researchers lament how "Jurassic Park isn't accurate anymore, they're not real" yet honestly it's these movies that closest brings to life these long departed creatures. I was eager and elated as 2015 rolled along and Jurassic World finally arrived.

And to sum up my thoughts I can say this. I've seen a band of superheroes fight an army of crazy robots. I've seen a gang of misfits drive fast cars to stop a terrorist and honor their friend. I've seen an anti social girl open up in a country side uncovering a mystery. And I've seen two road warriors on a rescue mission in a wasteland. Lots of movies I've watched in 2015 and I've even yet to go to a galaxy a long time ago far far away. But none of that compares to seeing the park open again and God's creatures of earth's ancient past walking amongst human beings.

Jurassic World... is the best film of 2015. One of the best films ever even trumping the original Jurassic Park. And it is a dear favorite film of mine.

Now I shall say that the reason movies are made is Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. Two films of the same cool universe where dinosaurs have returned after 65 billion years and take you on an adventure. You've no idea the joy I had witnessing a crowded theatre cheering, laughing, crying, and celebrating as dinosaurs fought and stomped in this film. Seeing a whole theatre of people clap when dinosaurs stand triumphant was something I never thought to see. I was always that kid who loved dinosaurs and thought by 2015 maybe their magic was gone for most people. Jurassic World proved that anyone will drop their jaw seeing Tyrannosaurus roar into the sunrise as dinosaurs walk our earth again.

Colin Trevorrow... Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver... and everyone who helped make this movie. You crazy sons of bitches you did it :)

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