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Enrique aka the Flying Lion
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello there beautiful people. I'm the Flying Lion. I'm a writer, an artist, a reader, an indulger of awesome, and I carry a tiny lion in my pocket. I like to draw a lot, usually I'm inspired by my favorite anime, games, shows, movies, and other. I also love taking photos of the world around me and of my adventures.

( ̄(工) ̄)
I was planning on going to bed but it's been a rather long time. Again. Though life gets busy and I get distracted. It seems proper to update you all on my life so as to know that 1) I am alive. And 2) nothing weird has happened. 

Well first off I'm 21 now. Hooray! Well yeah. I don't drink but I was so busy I actually didn't do anythign at all for my birthday. I stopped having parties long ago and mostly stuck to just doing things I like or being in a quiet environment. But I was busy with school and projects and didn't really want to have a break because I needed to focus. I had just gotten back from Hawaii right when I needed to turn in assignments, prove to my Professor that I did extra credit primate observation, did more extra credit at the Museum of Man, and actually got very very sick. Overall though I'm glad to have made it to 21 relatively healthy and still having my family around. 

Oh I and I was in Hawaii for a week too. And... well maybe it's just because I'm me, or because of my Aspergers, or IDK just because, but I found myself to be very dull for a good portion of the trip. And annoyed. I liked being out there and I love going to see new environments and such and traveling. But honestly I was annoyed at having to miss school and my credits. I was annoyed at being in loud environments full of drinking and obnoxious people, and getting bored of being surrounded by people. Well maybe it does tie into my Aspergers as I get extremely overwhelmed by crowds and very loud places. Thankfully though I was at a wedding for my dear cousin I was allowed to leave the premises and stay in a quiet hotel room to destress.

Oh man I'm complaining too much now. Well it helps to get it out. These are just issues I deal with and have to live with. It feels good to explain though why it is that I just dislike being in a loud social gathering or am uncomfortable at loud large parties and places that for most human beings are natural settings.

My trip wasn't totally like this though. On the time I did get to myself I had lots of enjoyment. for starters being on the Hawaiian island of Oahu with it's environment is a very pleasing sight. Not to mention the fauna which the state government has keenly preserved as best as possible. I got lots of photos of many different bird species and some I'd never seen or heard of before in my life. The trees-oh the trees! We have giant trees in San Diego but the way these trees grew and how the island preserved them even in the middle of the urbancenters like Honolulu. It was a marvelous sight. During the times I got extremely overwhelmed or couldn't handle being in I would sit under these massive mangrove like trees with many vines. I don't know what it is that's calming about trees for me but whenever I do sit under down it's like I'm at peace and all my woes and anxieties and troubles are gone. 

Branching off of that there was even more flora and fauna to behold at the Honolulu Zoo. Which no one seems to have heard of before. Honestly it's a small zoo roughly maybe 1/6th the size of the San Diego Zoo located in a park in Waikiki.I had to do my primate observation work there as extra credit with permission from my Physical Anthropology professor. Had I known there was Chimpanzees there I'd have picked them for my target paper and also I never seen chimps before in my life so that'd have been cool. Instead I observed "Rusti" the orangutan who... actually he was pretty amusing. I know lots of people have different opinions of the extent of an animals awareness and intelligence and all that. For me I thought Rusti was pretty smart and funny. I was there for an hour and he kind of ignored me as all I did was write notes but whenever a crowd came over he'd actually begin to play peekaboo. As if he thought a crowd meant he could put on a show.

Oh and I went to see the lions obviously. It's funny as I'm really used to hearing lions near and at the San Diego Zoo but hadn't gone in a long while. So when I walked through the park to the Honololu Zoo I suddenly heard the lions roaring in the distance all the way from the backend of the zoo. Even knowing a lions roar is meant to ward off rivals and to show who rules the land in a strange way hearing the lions roar somehow also calmed me down. Or maybe I just hadn't heard it in so long and it was a good feeling. 

Okay now I'm getting pretty tired. So I'll just detail part 2 of what I did in Hawaii another time. G'night ;)
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Happy Birthday  bud
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Happy b-day!!! :party::iconcake-plz:
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dbzespio Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015  Hobbyist
Hey, Lion. :iconlucywaveplz:
How are things going these days? 
FlyingLion76 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Espio ;) been a while huh? Actually been busy with my dogs, school, and Metal Gear solid v got released and I've been playing it... So addicting. So much to do...

I've been trying to get back into writing stuff but I'm never feeling it. I'm trying to and sometimes I'll get ideas but stuff just doesn't come to me like before. But I still try to come up with new stuff funny stuff. Still I like keeping it a hobby so it stays fun.
dbzespio Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015  Hobbyist
Ahaha! I know that feeling; definitely addicted to Fire Emblem Awakening these days. That Metal Gear V looks great. I haven't played it yet, but I've seen my sister and it looks fun. Sometimes I get hooked and watch her instead of reading my textbook.  ^^;

Sounds like you've got a good plan with the writing there. I need to get back into it too. Not short on ideas, but short on motivation, I guess. Anyway, glad to see things are still good. :D
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