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Enrique aka the Flying Lion
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Hello there beautiful people. I'm the Flying Lion. I'm a writer, an artist, a reader, an indulger of awesome, and I carry a tiny lion in my pocket. I like to draw a lot, usually I'm inspired by my favorite anime, games, shows, movies, and other. I also love taking photos of the world around me and of my adventures.

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Ever since like middle school I had to learn how to balance free time and busy time. So if I'm watching a show for the first time or doing anything else I'm probably multitasking-multiwatching?- I do a lot of things at once.

Recently I've had time to see some shows on my list to watch or that just peaked my interest. I've been researching both Megas XLR and The Clone Wars and barely began watching Azumanga Daioh and Star Wars Rebels.

For Azumanga it's so much fun in how enjoyable and funny it is. And it's moe but this is pre 2007 so it's visually kinda different. Not an otaku pandering show but one content just having the humor work like it did in the comic strip which was witty and funny.

The two Star Wars'... Yeah they're good. The Clone Wars I saw like the early seasons so it was nice re-watching episodes I loved. In particular the three Malevolence episodes are so awesome that they could almost stand alone as it's own trilogy. It's definitely a fun enjoyable story that is of the prequel era but isn't like the prequels-first two that is. It's like the fun scenes in Revenge of the Sith. A fun workable story but not obviously trying to be like the original trilogy thinking original = greater.

Rebels is a good show too. It's a bit different in character designs. More rounded and less rigid than Clone Wars. The thing I don't get is why backgrounds sometimes are kinda empty. It works for the story it's telling. The moments that bother me might be where it's trying to hard to be like the originals. Like in its technobabble that's worded to sound like something Luke or the rebels would say in A New Hope. It's just kinda obvious that it's framed to be like the original movies and fans who die hard hate the prequels will jump to liking Rebels just for that fact. Other than that Rebels is kinda harmless.

Megas I watched back when it aired. Occasionally in recent years I've re-watched it and enjoyed it. It centers on Coop who finds a robot in a junk yard and rebuilds it. Then it's revealed by Kiva, the robots pilot from the future, that the robot is to be used to save earth from the Glorft. Weird green squid aliens who are obsessed with Jorblochs, or the tearing of them -I don't even know. Coop, Kiva, and Jamie (Coops bro for life) go on adventures, fighting aliens, monsters, robots, etc. all so Coop can defend earth. Because he's the only one slowdown to destroy it. No seriously he kinda ruins the planet several times over. I'm surprised he never got arrested or sued for property damage- but it's probably not even relevant.

I think I love the show a lot now because when Megas ended kinda early I just moved on. Now I'm thinking this show about a normal fat guy who's life has been video games, fixing up cars, and being a glutton who pilots a futuristic robot and goes on adventures had great potential. It's like... The polar opposite of Eva. No matter how much Coop gets into dangerous battles he's still the same husky guy from Jersey who wants to cruise in his robot. He won't get involved in self wallowing or of notions of being a mega hero he wants to do what he's always done, just now with a giant robot. I feel like I could go on and on about Megas but I'm kinda sleepy. So night all ;)

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